Super Bowl, Death, and God

I love sports, especially football, but I can’t help shake my head at the past two weeks. The Super Bowl hype has been unrelenting and oppressive. I told my wife that it would be fitting if the game was a blowout. It was. And a really boring game to watch unless you’re a Seahawks’ fan. It takes death and God to put some perspective on this super mess.

I just found out that the daughter-in-law of dear, long-time friends suddenly died of a heart attack yesterday. Kelli leaves behind her husband, Jess, and their three year-old son. I’m so glad we made the trip to the Colorado woods five years ago to celebrate their wedding. Now, we mourn in the sudden death of a young woman who had the bulk of her life in front of her.

This is what life is really about—the ebb and flow of birth and death. Whether we live to be 28 or 88, life as we know it comes to an end. Fortunately, it goes on for eternity with God for those who accept him into their lives—lives God created in the first place. There’s no hype to that; just the promise of a really super eternity.

The Super Bowl has come and gone—a disappointing football game for most. But life goes on. It often takes a death to put life into perspective and to set our priorities straight, realizing that God is always here for us—now and for eternity.

If you have a few spare prayer moments, please pray for Kelli—that she is now in God’s loving embrace forever. Thanks!

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