Is Satan Real? Ask God.

Yes. Satan is real. He’s not some red devil, cute or otherwise. He’s not the invention of Hollywood. Satan is real. He’s evil incarnate—the exact opposite of God’s love.

What you need to know is Satan is real, very much alive in this world, and after your soul. Most don’t like thinking about Satan as real, much less talking about him. It’s a little too “out there.”

But there’s nothing to fear from Satan if you know he is there, after your soul, and doesn’t want you to think about him. Satan works best behind the scenes without any acknowledgement. He’s a worm silent and boring working his way into your life through temptation.

Why am I writing this? To scare you? No. Simply to get you to understand that Satan is real and after your soul. He will do anything to put a wedge between you and God. And if you look around the world he’s doing a pretty good job of that with a lot of people!

Doubt any of this? That’s exactly what Satan wants you to do. He wants you to think that talk of his existence is wacky. But if you search your heart, and LISTEN to God, you will realize that Satan is too real. There’s no need to fear because you FIGHT Satan by simply moving closer to God. Jesus came out of the desert ready for life after 40 days of Satan’s temptation. We can escape the same desert in our lives if we put our trust—our lives—in the loving hands of God.

Are you reading this and saying, “I don’t know what to make of this—tough to swallow?” Then, don’t take my word for it. Ask God.

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