No, the Devil Didn’t Make You Do It!

The devil doesn’t make you do anything. The devil can’t make you do anything. What the devil does is whisper negatives in your ear and suggestions of what to do. You are the one with God-given free will. You make you do it. The devil just whispers and, when you start listening, he even shouts. Continue reading “No, the Devil Didn’t Make You Do It!”

Faith or Doubt?

There are a lot of forks in  the road of life, where we get to make decisions that either lead us to God or down dead ends. Life may seem a lot more complex than that, but it isn’t. We either walk down the path of faith or stumble along in doubt. Continue reading “Faith or Doubt?”

Halloween’s Over But the Devil is Still Here

The little red devils trick-or-treating may be gone but the real devil is still around. He’s very much at work in this world but he doesn’t go announcing himself door to door. In fact, he doesn’t want anyone to know that he really exists because he does his best work totally unnoticed.

If you’re like me, you have big doubts about Continue reading “Halloween’s Over But the Devil is Still Here”

Is Satan Real? Ask God.

Yes. Satan is real. He’s not some red devil, cute or otherwise. He’s not the invention of Hollywood. Satan is real. He’s evil incarnate—the exact opposite of God’s love.

What you need to know is Continue reading “Is Satan Real? Ask God.”

What’s Holding You Back in Life?

Brief thought for this new week… There is noting you can’t do! God made you and is at the heart of every DNA strand in your body. The only one holding you back from realizing your God-given potential in life is Continue reading “What’s Holding You Back in Life?”

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