You’re Nailed to That Cross!

You may think that Jesus was the only person nailed to the cross but you are right there with him. That is, your sins are nailed there as well. And they are your sins so you are nailed as well. The trick is how you get down.

This time of year as we (hopefully!) think about the true meaning and enormity of what Jesus did for us, we also need to focus on ourselves more. That’s right, you read correctly—focus more on ourselves.

Jesus died for each one of us individually; not collectively. The enormity of what Jesus did is that he took our sins—even the ones we have not yet committed, but will—and took them up on the cross. Then, with his death Jesus wiped out our sins.

We all need to look deeper inside ourselves these next few days and account for what we have done; or haven’t done, as the case may be. Then, we need to take some responsibility for our sins and pull them down from the cross. In practical terms that means first owning up to what we have done, or should have done, and then trying our best to correct our actions or inactions going forward.

Good time to get down off the cross. And thank Jesus for the supreme sacrifice for you!

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