Living Your Purpose is the Real Joy in Life

Each one of us has a special, unique purpose in life. Understanding that is key to life. Living that purpose is the real joy in life. We are lost souls until we understand God’s purpose for us. Living that purpose brings real joy, fulfillment, and peace in life. Life is that simple; the way God means it to be for each one of us.

How do you find your unique purpose in life? Simple. You LISTEN for/to God. Yes, it’s that very simple. God is less than a heartbeat away. You simply need to open your mind and heart to Him. And give God just a little time. LISTEN and you will understand your purpose. LIVE that purpose and you will really start living.

We so overly complicate life, accumulating a lot of “stuff” in our heads that makes it impossible to see how simple life is meant to be by God. Doubt clouds our vision of our real purpose in life and, therefore, our ability to realize that purpose.

Do you know your purpose in life?

5 thoughts on “Living Your Purpose is the Real Joy in Life

  1. “Do you know your purpose in life?”

    I have been listening and discovering daily. 🙂 Great post btw.

  2. Nice thought. However, first you have to discover your purpose in my opinion. Once you know tyour purpose is meaningful, it will bring you true joy. rather than meaningless pleasure.

    Regards and good will blogging.

    • Agree, you need to discover your purpose. However, each one of us has a meaningful purpose, no matter who we are or what we do. Realizing that purpose and living to it brings joy, fulfillment, and peace. Have a great day!

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