Forgiven. Forgive.

You are forgiven every sin you have committed and will commit. Same with me (and that’s a whole lot of sins for me!!!). Same with everyone past, present, and to come. Jesus took all those sins and nailed them to His cross. So, you are forgiven. There’s just one catch…

But if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Matthew 6:15

Forgive and you are forgiven. It’s that simple. Your sins were nailed to the cross. But they are not forgiven unless you forgive. Fair play.

I know—trust me!—it’s often hard to forgive. We like to carry around stuff people do to us and let it fester and even grow like a cancer. The longer the festering the harder it is to forgive. But we have to forgive. It’s part of the deal with Jesus.

The easiest way to forgive is to simply pray for the person we need to forgive. Pray, pray & pray some more. It’s a sure way to forgiveness. Simple but hard to do.

I really don’t know what else to say because this is so simple. Forgive and you are forgiven.

Have a WONDERFUL day starting to forgive today!!! 

Forgiveness As You Forgive

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those you trespass against us…

Want forgiveness from God? Start by forgiving others. You can’t ask for forgiveness if you don’t first forgive. And it’s measure for measure. Forgive a little or selectively and don’t expect forgiveness a lot and completely. This is simply another simplicity of life.

Jesus came so that our sins—past, present, and future—are forgiven. Forgiveness is always there—completely—for the taking. But you will never feel that forgiveness if you don’t first forgive. Simple.

Have a GREAT day forgiving!!!

Want Forgiveness from God? Then, FORGIVE!!!

I have written about this just recently but am shocked at how little forgiveness there is in the world today. In fact, pointing fingers and seeking vengeance is the norm. So, how can any Christian pray the Lord’s prayer as Jesus taught us—”Forgive us as we forgive others”—and not forgive? Worse yet, how can any Christian go on the offensive at getting back or even with someone? The answers? They are not a follower of Jesus. No matter what they may call themselves, they are not a Christian. A Christian follows Jesus Christ—in word and action. All the time—not just when convenient. Continue reading “Want Forgiveness from God? Then, FORGIVE!!!”

Don’t Ask for Forgiveness if You Can’t Forgive!!!

I added the 3 exclamation points after my heading today for very intentional emphasis—Don’t ask for forgiveness if you can’t forgive!!! And I’m writing this not for you and others but for me. I’m preaching to myself this morning not to bother to ask God for forgiveness if I can’t forgive others. God is always less than a heartbeat away ready to forgive us, no matter what we do or don’t do to others. The question is do we dare to ask for forgiveness if we can’t forgive those around us. The answer is an emphatic “no!” Continue reading “Don’t Ask for Forgiveness if You Can’t Forgive!!!”

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