Victim or Victor?

Which one are you? There are people who go through life constantly playing the “victim” card. Someone else is always to blame for their plight in life. There are others who see themselves as the “victor” over someone else. And I think there are a large group who can’t answer the “victim” or “victor” question. What’s wrong with this picture is that everyone—and I mean EVERYONE!!!—should confidently answer “victor” but just not in the way you may be thinking. Continue reading “Victim or Victor?”

Do You Know Your Life Path?

We all have a life path. There is one straight direction leading to our Creator, but for almost all of us the path is twisty, bumpy and has offshoots that are dead ends. But that one clear, straight, smooth path exists—we just have to LISTEN to God to find it.

I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.
Isaiah 48:17

Continue reading “Do You Know Your Life Path?”

Away; But Not From God

I spent last week trying—somewhat unsuccessfully!—to get away from work during my “staycation.” I simply had to try to catch my breath, take care of a few personal issues, and get away from the rat race for a few days. But unlike times past when I tried to drop out from everything, including God, this time I tried to move even closer to God.  Continue reading “Away; But Not From God”

Living Your Purpose is the Real Joy in Life

Each one of us has a special, unique purpose in life. Understanding that is key to life. Living that purpose is the real joy in life. We are lost souls until we understand God’s purpose for us. Living that purpose brings real joy, fulfillment, and peace in life. Life is that simple; the way God means it to be for each one of us. Continue reading “Living Your Purpose is the Real Joy in Life”

Whatever You Have, It’s From God!

I’ve worked hard my entire life. I wasn’t handed any inheritance. What I have I have earned. But everything I have is from God. I came into this world in a naked body. When I leave, this body will be left behind six feet under. Everything I have earned has been earned but it all came from the grace of God. Continue reading “Whatever You Have, It’s From God!”

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