Break Out of Your Desert This Lent!

It doesn’t matter if you observe Lent. It’s just a great time to put yourself in Jesus’ shoes and contemplate life, with all it’s temptations. Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit, spent 40 days dealing with the devil, got his head together, then broke out to fulfill his special, unique purpose in life. He had to go through that process. We do too in our own deserts. Continue reading

Are You Connected to the Spirit of God? Here’s the Test…

We all have the Spirit of God in us. That’s because God created us. We don’t have to go through some rite to connect with the Spirit in us; we need to do it by action. Here’s the test if you are connected to the Spirit… Continue reading

No Place for Hazing or Bullying—In the Dolphins Locker Room or Elsewhere

I’m sorry. I grew up playing sports and lived in a college dorm where hazing, and even bullying, were a slice of life. In retrospect, there was no place for any of it then and even less room for it now. And professional athletes, who are paid a gazillion dollars and serve as role models that every kid wants to emulate, need to Continue reading

Golf & God—All in the Follow-Through!

What most amateurs don’t understand is that the critical part of the golf swing is the follow-through and accelerating through the ball. I think the same holds true for most “amateur” Christians. Yes, I’m taking some time off and trying to work on my golf game. However, more importantly, I’m working on my relationship with God. Hang with me for a little explanation. Continue reading