Whatever You Have, It’s From God!

I’ve worked hard my entire life. I wasn’t handed any inheritance. What I have I have earned. But everything I have is from God. I came into this world in a naked body. When I leave, this body will be left behind six feet under. Everything I have earned has been earned but it all came from the grace of God. Continue reading


That’s my word coming off of vacation. I know—sounds strange because vacation is time we usually throw any discipline to the wind. We do what we want, eat everything in sight, and generally just let go. I did exactly that, within reason, but it made me think that I need more discipline in life (and in my golf game!). In fact, one of the problems with today’s world is that discipline is a forgotten concept. No, I’m not trying to be a drag—just make the world a better place, starting with me. Continue reading

This Life is Too Short!

With this life way too short, how do you live it? Go for the gusto and don’t let anyone or anything in your way, knowing this is all there is? Or do you realize, that as short as this life is, there is another one that lasts forever? You can live life for today, or you can live life for today and tomorrow. How you live today determines where you end up tomorrow. Continue reading

What Can’t You Do?

Nothing!!! There is simply nothing you can’t do when you acknowledge God within you. God is less than a heartbeat away empowering you. Doubt, especially whispered by the devil, is what holds you back. Give in to that doubt and you are grounded for life. Overcome it and you soar to limitless possibilities. Continue reading

Pleasing You, Others, or God?

Who do you live for—you, others, or God? Do you live each day trying to please yourself, others, or God? The first two are a losing battle. The only way to live life is by living to please God. In doing so, you may not please everyone but you will sure please yourself and at least some others in the process. You will find greater happiness, fulfillment, and peace in your life. Sound too simple? That’s because it is! Continue reading

Relax and Let God Do the Driving

There are times, especially when things aren’t going well, when we tense up. We push too hard. We try to fit square pegs in our lives into round circles. We force. That’s the time to do the opposite. Relax. Sit back. Let go and let God into your life. Let God do the driving. Continue reading

Tough to Forgive When You Hurt!

When you hurt and/or are angry it’s tough to forgive. But that’s just the point. If forgiving was easy it would not be forgiving. To truly forgive you have to step outside of your own skin. You have to leave the the human baggage aside and connect your spirit (not emotions) with God. Take it from me—not easy!!!

Continue reading

Finding God in the Back of the Closet

We’re all looking for God. A lot of us just don’t know it. We either look for answers to life, happiness, peace, and fulfillment in all the wrong places or we actively look to God for all that but can’t find him. Try looking in the back of the closet or under the junk in your basement. I found God clearly there the past few days. Continue reading

Retreat to God

I’m dropping out the next few days to retreat to God. Most people these days are retreating from God. That includes me who does his best on occasion to try and shut God out of his life. I take mini vacations from God. But he’s always there and tough to shake unless you really want to shut God out of your life. So, I’m trying to do the opposite—retreat to him.

I’m going to a place of “scared ground.” A place where I know I can shut the phone off and get off of the Internet. I’m not going to tweet or post a thing for the next few days. I’m going to try and shut the world out and let God into my life. Part of me wants to expect some earth-shattering revelation from God—a Moses-type event that changes my life forever. But I know that won’t happen. It’s in the quiet where we find God. And it’s in the quiet of our lives where life becomes clearer.

I don’t know what I’ll come back with but I’ll let you know.