Halloween’s Over But the Devil is Still Here

The little red devils trick-or-treating may be gone but the real devil is still around. He’s very much at work in this world but he doesn’t go announcing himself door to door. In fact, he doesn’t want anyone to know that he really exists because he does his best work totally unnoticed.

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“He is a liar”

Jesus not only acknowledged the reality of the devil but he painted this picture of him…

“He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

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Satan Wants Your Happiness!

No, Satan is not some religious creation made up to scare you to lead a straight and narrow life. He is real, working behind the scenes to steal your happiness, peace, and fulfillment for eternity. He tempted Jesus unsuccessfully, but tempted Judas successfully to hand over Jesus to die.

So when he had dipped the piece of bread he gave it to Judas son of Simon Iscariot. After he received the piece of bread, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “Do quickly what you are going to do.” John 13:27

Look around you. Do you think that acts of terrorism and school shootings are the acts of God? What motivates people to commit acts of violence?

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NEWS FLASH — Satan is real!

In case you don’t know it, Satan is very real. He is not some religious creation made up to scare you to lead a straight and narrow life. And I know you may be feeling doubt right now and may not even want to think about the idea of Satan as a real being. However, Satan is real and is working behind the scenes to steal Continue reading