No One Can Steal My Joy But They’re Trying Their Best Today!

It’s funny how this happens but I wrote a piece this morning about how only you can steal your joy. “They” can’t. Well, as often happens when I write these, I get put to the test. And that’s happening today! Family issues, a cancelled appointment that can’t be reschedule for a month, and a rock in the windshield all before lunch! No, I couldn’t even make this up if I tried.

But I won’t let the day’s events steal my joy. In fact, I’m laughing as I write this. And I’m repeating what I wrote over and over again earlier—shame on me if I let anyone or anything steal my joy. Only I can lose my joy—no one can take it.

Have a joy-filled rest of the day!

No One Can Steal Your Joy—Only You Can Do That!

Repeat after me, “No one can steal my joy—only I can do that.” There is no friend, co-worker, family member, boss, etc. who can steal your joy in life. No one! Only YOU can steal your joy. Continue reading “No One Can Steal Your Joy—Only You Can Do That!”

You or God?

Who comes first? Simple question. I do a lot of writing about God but I find myself asking who really does come first in my life. The answer should also be simple but it is tough if we are really honest with ourselves. The problem is the answer gets complicated just like we contemplate our lives. That’s because the answer is not simple. What??? Continue reading “You or God?”

Walk the Christmas Walk, Not the Talk!

For a lot of people, Christmas is the tree, presents, and maybe some good cheer. For a lot of Christians, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but in talk only. What Christmas should be is a time to live the birth of Jesus by “walking” Christmas, not just “talking” it. Continue reading “Walk the Christmas Walk, Not the Talk!”

Your Terms or the Spirit’s?

I had a real wake-up call the other day when I read Galatians 5:22 about the nine fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. I flunked!

I was in a rush the other day and got caught behind Continue reading “Your Terms or the Spirit’s?”

As Jesus Welcomes the Children of Sandy Hook…

The 20 little children and 6 adults who were killed in Newtown (Sandy Hook) Connecticut are in a much safer, caring place. Jesus has welcomed them and they are now under his watchful eye. Unfortunately, the parents and Continue reading “As Jesus Welcomes the Children of Sandy Hook…”

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